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To me this company seems racist. Because when I went in for my interview at the high point, nc location the manger looked at me with no interest, before I even did the interview.

My appearance was perfectly fine. When I walked inside the building I didn't see any other nationalities except for Europeans. On top of that during my interview it seemed like he was belittling me in a way when I misunderstood a question. When my resume was selected on for me to be selected for a interview my resume was just fine, because if it wasn't he wouldn't have selected my resume.

After the interview he turned me down through my email, and I positively told him thank you for his interest in me. He sent me a email back stating that I did well, except for me needing to build my confidence more, and that I may need work on my resume.

I believe my resume didn't become an issue until he saw the color of my skin. It's sad what kind of world weare living in smh !

Product or Service Mentioned: Merry Maids Interview Appointment.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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P.S. Your appearance looks just fine to me. You are very pretty.


Was your interview to do housecleaning or work as admin in the office? Because if it was for housecleaning, then why the h3ll would you even need a resume?

If it was to do admin work, then if your resume wasn't up to his standards, then why did he select you for an interview, like you said? It doesn't make any sense to me. The confidence comment doesn't make sense either unless you were applying to do telemarketing/sales, in which case, yes, you would need to have confidence. But even with telemarketing, your resume shouldn't matter anyway.

If you read this, can you tell me what position you were interviewing for? I'm just curious.

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